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What started out as a blogging platform for the enthusiasts around the world all those years ago, WordPress has been a platform that hasn’t just survived the passage of time but continues to be the goliath of the web development industry to this day. In fact, more than 27% of total websites that exist today are all powered by WordPress which really goes to show the unmatched level of quality and efficiency that the CMS platform has to offer.

But why does the crazy trend still persist? What makes WordPress THE platform for web developers around the world even in 2020? Let’s look at a few reasons as to why that’s the case.

1. Easy and Hassle-Free Site Building:

Ask any IT person who’s remotely familiar with the whole WordPress charade and the first thing he/she will tell you is that WordPress is the most simple of frameworks out there that can even let a naive web developer create a highly dynamic, lightweight and clutter-free website.

2. WordPress Remains Cost-Effective:

It’s in human nature that when you can get more out of paying less, then why should you think of trying anything different? That’s exactly the biggest perk of using WordPress web development as the developer has the luxury of choosing from an extensive pre-existing array of incredible themes and plugins, which ends up being much softer on your wallets!

3. WordPress Is SEO Compatible:

While a few other web platforms can also help you build a good-looking website, but without the goodness of SEO, the whole effort can easily go to waste. After all, a site that doesn’t rank on Google is as productive as not having a site at all! WordPress is enriched with the goodness of SEO thereby making all the elements of your blog and design suited to the Google indexing.

4. WP Offers Advanced Site Security:

When WordPress freshly came out, some shade was thrown its way for its ordinary site security. That, however, is far from the case today. As long as you put your trust and resources into hiring a professional WordPress development team, your site will stay away from any potential malware and online hacking threats.

5. Content Marketing Via WordPress:

In today’s cutthroat environment where millions of competitors are jostling for the attention of the same customers, it’s the unique, attractive, and engaging content that helps your site stand out from the rest and turn it into a powerful entity. Content marketing is very efficient and easy with WordPress, as advanced WP plugins help you write the most engaging, and SEO friendly content that your target audience will likely take note of.

6. Social Media Integration:

When potential customers visit your website, they can feel underwhelmed if they are asked to login with their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account individually at every other stop. But thanks to the social media integration with WordPress themes, the user as well as site owners can eliminate these inconveniences and interact through social media with WordPress site login.


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