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The indigenous people of the Amazon region in the colony of Brazil, the Tupo Guarani Indians, once mixed an alcoholic drink based on the avocado fruit. “Abacate” was the name of their delicacy, mixed from the yellow, butter-soft flesh of the avocado. The colonialists refined the Indian recipe with cane sugar and rum to an avocado schnapps, which they called “Advocaat” and which is the archetype of today’s eggnog. When the Dutch were driven out of what is now Brazil in the 17th century, they took recipe and avocados with them. The only problem was manufacturing at home. The thing had a catch: the avocado trees did not take root in local latitudes, so the base had to be changed. The solution: Avocados were exchanged for egg yolks. Egg yolk, brandy, Sugar and other fine additions were mixed to form an egg liqueur composition that matched the avocado schnapps in terms of taste, flavor, effect and appearance and has been successful to this day. So eggs were not the starting product for the viscous treat, but avocados. In English-speaking countries, the similar Eggnog is particularly popular at Christmas time.


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